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A documentary series highlighting dramatic stories of people who actively empower positive change.

Travel Global Think Local
documents compelling community projects through powerful storytelling. The series is an innovative and engaging format of travel programming. It’s about empowerment, sustainability for future generations, and the actions of people who are making our world a better place.


Help us tell real stories of positive change.



Responding Community Organization: Bama Way


The Bama are a community of Australian Aboriginals who are facing the challenges of providing meaningful local employment and sustaining their traditions and culture.


The Bama Way is a group of small business owners who have come together to meet these challenges.


This group of entrepreneurs has established a range of authentic cultural experiences for tourists from all over the world. The purpose is to empower their community, strengthen the local economy, uphold their values and beliefs, and help sustain future generations.

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area borders the Great Barrier Reef and the Dividing Range of Northern Queensland, Australia. It is the oldest rainforest ecosystem on earth and it defines a pure jungle environment. It is wild and untamed with a scenic beauty that is truly hard to imagine.


In addition to this natural beauty there is a cultural heritage and significance hidden deep in the jungle valleys. The Bama people have called this area home for countless generations.


The Wet Tropics are home to amazing wildlife, stunning flora and fauna, and passionate people. It is a must see destination.

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Willie Gordan & Francis Walker


Phone: +61 7 4028 3376

Facebook Page


Ivan & Eddie Demal

Elim Beach Campground FB

Phone: +61 7 4060 9223


Penny Johnson



Responding Community Organization: The Music Project


The challenge is to build bridges between the families of north and south Sri Lanka. The country has been divided by a lengthy and brutal civil war. The recent ceasefire has presented the opportunity to meet this challenge.


The Music Project is a locally managed initiative working tirelessly to unite the younger generations through the shared power of music. This ground breaking project builds orchestral communities to connect children in the north and south.


The Music Project is instilling social cohesion among children who have been historically separated by an imposed conflict. At the same time all students gain confidence, self-esteem, and team building skills through performing as a member of an orchestra.

Sri Lanka is the gem of southern Asia; a stunning island teeming with wildlife, home to a vibrant and somewhat tumultuous history, and a new future bright with possibility.


The vibe of this small nation is palpable with smiles and kindness at every turn. It has such a wonderful sense of hope and a vision of prosperity. There are diverse and exotic landscapes, Hindu and Buddhist temples, spicy and intense food, world class surf and beaches to match – so much diversity on such a small piece of land.

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Tel: +94 777 396 742
Tel 2: +94 773 018 441


Saluka Kotagama:

Shalini Wickramasuriya:


Responding Community Organization:
Urban Development Resource Center (UDRC)


Overpopulation and urban growth have long been a challenge in India. There is a demand for housing which has greatly exceeded supply, resulting in millions of people being forced to live in slums or on the street.


The Urban Development Resource Center (UDRC) is a national Indian organization which empowers the urban poor to collectively identify and resolve the challenges they face.


The UDRC is currently constructing basic housing in the Orissa State of eastern India, with the goal of completing 578 houses which meet the identified needs for local families who are in desperate need of adequate shelter.

India offers one of the most diverse and sensory travel experiences you could ever imagine. With a cultural heritage dating back centuries, the country is rich in history, architecture, and food.


The life-changing travel opportunities are limitless: from the peaks of the Himalaya, to the bustling cities of Mumbai and Delhi, to the deserts of Rajasthan, to the beaches and backwaters of the south, there are endless experiences waiting to be discovered.


Travellers to India often speak of deep cultural immersion and connection which cannot be duplicated.

Connect directly with The Urban and Development Resource Centre 




Tel No: +91 0674 2310092


Potential Community Organization:
Partners in Health – Zanmi Lasante

Partners in HealthChallenge

A long-standing challenge in Haiti has been to provide its people with basic healthcare.


Zanmi Lasante, or Partners in Health, supports 12 healthcare clinics in the Central Plateau and the lower Artibonite regions, with a staff of more than 5,200 Haitian professionals. They also recently opened a University Hospital in Mirebalais providing high-quality medical education for the next generation of nurses, medical students, and residents.


Zanmi Lasante is saving lives, providing vital healthcare services to an underserved population, and educating a significant number of people who will be the face of Haiti’s future national health.

A nation that has been riddled with disease and natural disaster is trying to get back on its feet. Haiti has a strong history, vibrant art scene, world class beaches, great food, and hidden waterfalls.


It is a country where tourists don’t go, but where intrepid travellers are bound to experience more. It is a hidden gem of Caribbean culture and has a ton of stunning locations to visit and beautiful people to meet.


Potential Community Organization: ACDEP


The challenge in the rural Upper West Region of Ghana is to improve food security. Local farmers do not have the knowledge and skills needed to sustain successful crop production and market their products effectively.


The Farmers Capacity Development Project, run by The Association of Church-based Development (a local Ghanaian organization), benefits 7,000 smallholder farmers by enhancing their skills in business planning and service delivery. The farmers, both men and women, are members of 350 Farm-Based Organizations (FBO).


The project will strengthen the business capacities of the FBOs and improve their ability to provide services for the smallholder farmers. The overall goal is to increase agricultural capacity and food security in the Upper West Region.

Ghana has been a popular African travel destination for many years. With beautiful landscapes and fascinating people, it has a lot to offer the intrepid traveller. The country is small and diverse with plentiful ecosystems supporting a variety of life.


It is lush and vibrant, with stunning scenery and the bustle of urban life to match. Ghana is the heart of West Africa and the gateway to a relatively unknown part of the world.


Potential Community Organization: Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG)


For the last thirty years, Burma has undergone internal conflict with the primary victims being minority populations. The Karen people are one such minority and have been continually targeted with social injustices by successive and controversial Burmese governments.


The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) trains community members in eastern Burma to document individual human rights abuses.


KHRG facilitates community workshops that provide a space for villagers to share their abuse experiences and develop self-protection strategies. The villagers gain knowledge of international human rights standards and the national mechanisms they can use to claim their rights.

Burma or Myanmar is the most misunderstood nation in South East Asia. It has a wealth of cultural treasures which have been inaccessible to tourists for nearly three decades of military dictatorship.


The 21st century has seen a lift of bans for travellers, and, as a result, incredible stories have been emerging. Burma provides a great opportunity to experience a truly unique and grassroots travel experience.


The local communities are welcoming visitors with the simple desire to share their cultural heritage.

Episode 07

Episode 07

Identity Center

Photo © Dominic Chavez/World Bank


Potential Community Organization: The Identity Center


The armed conflict in Syria, which began in March 2011, has resulted in millions of Syrians seeking refuge in neighbouring countries, including Jordan.  The Za’atari refugee camp in northern Jordan is unofficially Jordan’s fifth largest city.  One of the challenges created by this massive influx of displaced people is how to properly address the relationship between the Syrian refugees and their Jordanian hosts.


The Identity Center, based in Amman, runs a Conflict Sensitivity, Prevention, and Peace Building Project. This project facilitates societal integration, mediation, and dialogue to promote peaceful inter-communal relations between the Syrian refugees and their Jordanian hosts.


By combining an intensive training program and practical implementation in the field, the program invests in the tools and techniques needed to produce local leaders who will maintain the project’s peaceful continuity and spread its reach throughout the communities in northern Jordan.

Jordan plays host to an incredible history. An ancient culture is fuelled by warmth and kindness. With attractions like Petra and the desert of Wadi Rum, plus a thriving urban culture, it is no wonder Jordan has been a popular travel destination for many years.


Potential Community Organization: I Will Center


Expansion of its high-speed internet network has been a key priority of South Korea since 1990. As a result, the vast majority of Korean households enjoy excellent connectivity. The unfortunate negative effect of this strong digital power is internet addiction, which has become a significant social issue.


The “I Will Centre”, established by the Regional Government of Seoul in 2007, is a Youth Internet Addiction Prevention Centre servicing children, adolescents, and their parents. The Centre provides counseling on Internet addiction and addiction prevention education; and conducts community campaigns and research.  They also send out specialists to those living in seclusion, making in-home counseling available.


The goals of the Centre activities are to promote healthy and safe internet use and reduce the rate of internet addiction among children and youth.

South Korea represents the future of the digital revolution. It is a hub of development and is home to a fast paced environment with a culture bent on success.


It is also home to some amazing scenery with long stretches of stunning beaches and forested hills perfect for hiking and exploring. The country has a fantastically rich cultural heritage with significant historical sites and a number of beautiful temples and places of worship.


Potential Community Organization: Brazilian NGO Comissão Pró-Yanomami (CCPY)


The Yanomami people of northern Brazil are a dying culture. Their territories are being threatened by increased industrialization.


The Brazilian NGO, Comissão Pró-Yanomami (CCPY), works to support and strengthen the indigenous population and culture within the Yanomami Indigenous Territory, in the remote region of northern Brazil.


The Instituto Socioambiental Project, run by CCPY, focuses on education and capacity building within the indigenous populations, and works actively with national policymakers to improve relations with the Yanomami.

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most majestic and awe inspiring ecosystems on earth. It is an absolute giant covering most of the South American continent and spanning some 5,000,000 square kilometers.


This unique ecosystem hosts some of the most diverse flora and fauna found on earth.


Greg Snell is a Canadian Adventure Tour Guide, winner of Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World” competition, an avid traveller and visual storyteller.


Graduating from the College of the Rockies in British Columbia with an honours degree in Adventure Tourism Business Operations, he has worked as an adventure guide in Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Patagonia. As an avid writer and photographer he created a travel blog,Greg Goes Global, to document his adventures through inspiring storytelling and award winning photography. He maintains a significant social media following through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Greg is also a regular contributor to G Adventures, The Looptail.


As the winner of Tourism Australia’s ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition Greg spent 2014 exploring all of Australia documenting this life changing experience and starting his own business in destination marketing. Travel Global Think Local is his next innovative endeavour.


Greg has been featured on Global Television in Toronto, CTV, Huffington Post Canada, the Toronto Star and Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine.


He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, skydived over the Great Barrier Reef, worked with indigenous tribes in coastal Ecuador, white-water rafted in Zambia, trekked the Tibetan Plateau, and explored the glaciers of central Iceland.


Greg believes that we can create a stronger future by engaging local communities who empower themselves for positive change. Travel Global Think Local embodies this belief.


For more information contact Greg Snell at